Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It's Only Fair.

Coming to the end of a very long day. Pssst. Tomorrow I'm skipping down to the Craft Fair - just a short tram ride from work. Very excited. I'm going to be sensible though & put a limit on my spending (yeah, right).

I really don't need more buttons (unless I see blue birds or bees) or fabric (unless it looks really interesting) or floss (unless I see some striking colours).

At least I know I won't be buying the sewing machine advertised in a flyer for $2,299. Our car didn't cost much more than that (I'm not kidding).

Has anyone heard of the Computer Wool??? One ball of wool (makes a pair of socks) but as you get stripes? My sister got some - think it's made in Germany.

I really can't believe how I've taken to the whole craft thing. Confession? I don't even know how to do blanket stitch....


sarah said...

hey fran, i only learned blanket stitch in's super easy!
have fun at the fair and remember that a girl can never have too many buttons...

lyn said...

You can also never have too much fabric or floss or beads or sequins , and you can definitely never ever have too many Japanese craft books.
It's a good job I'm not your shopping buddy :)

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