Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Far East Funky Fabric

I have a sister who lives in China....she's home for three weeks and look what she got me!


carly said...

Hi Fran
(As in Fran from Melbourne?) Hey!! you should of told me you had a blog!! love love love all the things you have been making....now I am off to read 2 months of your blog that I have missed...I popped a little something in mail for you today (don't get too excited though its very little)

carly said...

Funny you should ask about the Readings store in Carlton as the Hawthorn store called today to see if i wanted to send some stuff over to them.... probably bookmarks to start with and then the other stuff after they get to know me?

Kay said...

Hi Fran
I love your blog. And I love your dog.

Alex said...

Hello Fran!
I'm sorry I haven't replied to you- I've had no internet for a week. Thank you so much for your messages!! It's brilliant to know that someone reads my blog! I hope you don't mind that I linked you? I had to- your blog is totally amazing! Thanks again and I know I'll be in touch again! ps I'm loving your crafts!

sarah said...

hi fran...thanks for stopping by to visit the other day...i love your work and what you have done with your blog, would you mind if did a link to your page?
i was also wondering if any of the lovely knitting nancy brooches are still for sale?
have a great weekend!
kind regards...sarah

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