Monday, March 26, 2007

Emma and I live in a house of many bits and pieces but the day of reckoning is upon us! A couple of weeks ago we bought our first house and now we must pick up (at least once) every single thing we have and pack it away.
I like to think that the older I get, the less I accumulate but yesterday, when I started packing the first of many, many boxes of books, I realised that I just don't have to keep them all.
This is a bit of a revelation for me - I've always had a lot of books, even when I was a kid. My bed had a little built in bookshelf with a night light in the corner and it was always full of books; my favourite titles or whatever I was reading at the time.
Now Em and I have eight bookcases, all full, with books stacked on top of books, squeezed into together.
But yesterday, as I picked up each book...I really scrutinised it and made myself explain (to myself) why I needed this book in my life. After a couple of hours, the KEEP stack was still higher than the OUT stack, but not by much. Yes, I did go back later and pick out a few titles from the OUT stack and put them in the KEEP stack, but not all books are created equal. Some I books I don't even remember (bibliophiles amnesia) buying let alone reading, some books I'd picked up second hand and couldn't say no because they were cheap or because I can't seem to not buy a copy of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier...even though I have three....and how did I end up with four copies of Jane Eyre? Three copies of To Kill A Mockingbird? Two copies of Emma? Three copies of Written on the Body? I think I know why. Some books are like sad, little orphans and I couldn't leave them all alone with Harry's Guide to Truck Maintenance or Electronics for Beginners.
Usually I feel a bit anxious when I let a book go. I'm not quite sure how to express the criteria, but this time round, I'm determined to only keep those books that I would go out and spend money on to replace.
Moving into a new house (in the spring) is like a new chapter and I suppose it feels like this is my chance to shake off a few habits and do things differently... kind of liberating, too.
The books will find a new home, a new reader, new hands to hold to my egg cup collection...

Monday, March 19, 2007

This was my second attempt at sewing with fluffy material. The first looked more like road-kill but here it is...supposed to be a bunny but looks a bit like a mouse. It's all in the ears so if I have time - I might make a new set soon. Still, a bunnymouse it is.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Corners of my Home

Toby's got that she-made-me-do-this look about him and he's right. I did make him sit on the little chair until I couldn't take his ''enough already'' stare.

Yesterday was supposed to be a sleepy Sunday, bit of reading, bit of gym, bit of baking...but then I started sorting through a few things...which lead to tidying up...which lead to ''oh my god - we have so much "stuff" and soon I had to stop myself from piffing everything. I'm a bit of a collector - I quite fancy my "things" but every now and again I feel all minimalist and sparse and want space not clutter. This overwhelming feeling of too much stuff comes with the house-hunting we've been doing over the last few weeks. What an eye opener that's been. But that's another post. Yesterday I came across Ophelia. I bought her in Stratford- upon- Avon on my first trip overseas, about 19 years ago. She cost a silly amount and stands about 2cms. Her tiny arms move up and down...that was the clincher, as I recall.
Anyway, by days end - the house was a little less cluttered, but not much.

Some Books I've Really Enjoyed

  • Apples For Jam by Tessa Kiros
  • Saturday by Ian McEwan
  • Philip Larkin: A Writer's Life by Andrew Motion
  • The Bell Jar by Syliva Plath
  • Ex Libris by Anne Fadiman
  • Stasiland by Anna Funder

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