Monday, March 12, 2007

Corners of my Home

Toby's got that she-made-me-do-this look about him and he's right. I did make him sit on the little chair until I couldn't take his ''enough already'' stare.


nicole said...

Ooooh he's a sweetie. Look at those ears and the eye patch. Cuttte!

Jodie said...

He is certainly trying to tell you something with that look........but he appears patient and surely theres love in those eyes !!

Mary Anne said...

what a cutie!

weirdbunny said...

Your Jack Russel is the same as our, only our patch's years aren't so freckly.

Anonymous said...

My brother has a Jack Russell that is named Tobe! He makes the cutest expressions. I can't believe they had the same name, just spelled differently. :)

Margaret said...

Ha! I know you posted this almost a month ago, but I just found your blog. My dog (a yellow lab mix) does much the same thing. The neighbors with whom he stays when we go out of town like to let their dogs on the bed, and of course they couldn't think of leaving our guy on the floor if everyone else was on the bed... But he's Not Allowed on the Furniture in our house, so they had to pick him up (all 75 lbs of him!) and PUT him on the bed. They took pictures. He has this terrified, "I'm in so much trouble!!" look on his face. It's hilarious. So cute.

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