Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Saturday morning Bear 2 and I went out to breakfast - 12km away to a cafe that makes the best BLTs. Horrid weather; lashing rain, dark purple clouds, wind. Went to my local craft shop and stocked up on felt..but where are the quiet colours?? Light pinks, blues and other hues? Made a cat from scratch (pardon the pun) and it took FOREVER! I stuffed up kitty's neck so I had to add a scarf, I stuffed by kitty's hands, so I had to make mittens, I stuffed up kitty's feet, so I had to make shoes! You can tell what I did right because she's not wearing a hat, coat or socks. I'm not sure I got the expression right - it's a very tricky thing - an eye placed two inches in another direction and you end up with creepy, psycho kitty.


Anonymous said...

The eyes are so hard! I am still trying to get it right. I think you have done a great job - loads of personality and cuddly looking too.

lyn said...

She is very beautiful and I love her outfit !!

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