Wednesday, September 03, 2008

PROJECT No. 3 - The Birds

Day three was bird day. I found this fantastic pattern on Whip Up. It's highly addictive. I've noticed a peculiar crafty habit of mine - when I find a pattern I love, I can't some making it again and again and again. Each time I make it, I try and perfect my technique but because I'm still can take me, oh, ten birds before I feel as though I've really cracked it. Does any one else do this? I loved making these and I've already found good homes for most of my flock.

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agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

i am new to this crafting stuff, i made a nice heart first but then moved on to a bird which i had to then make another 4 times!! i dont think that we have a problem just a strange urge to get it right. i mad a babushka doll recently but it will take some time before i make another cause she took a while for an novice like me. thanks for so many blogs in so few days!! mmwah rosey

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