Monday, January 09, 2006

More confidence than cake.

Finally some craft! These are some of the things I made on my week off. Not entirely happy with them but the patterns are wonderful. I get so excited when I make things that I tend to speed everything up. I really need to just slow it down and take my time. I think I like the doll the best. What a difference a sewing machine makes? All of them are from this fantastic book first spotted over at MOLLY CHICKEN

My little bubble burst. Yes. I knew it would happen. I got a tad over confident with my recent driving skills and made a doozie of a mistake. Boring details but essentially, I slowed down when I should have sped up and ended up having to veer off the road and breath heavily into a brown paper bag. The two cars behind me were not impressed and HONKED and HONKED as they drove past. I didn't dare make eye contact, but I have a feeling veins would have been throbbing and fists raised. Emma took over controls, but I did drive later on in the day - when I was feeling less feeble and miserable!

The latest Martha Stewart Living has a Year of Cakes - one spectacular cake each month. It made me realised that I've never, ever actually made a cake from scratch. Muffins, biscuits, slices, scones, bread etc but never a cake. So that's what I plan to do this year - bake a fab cake from scratch. As a kid I remember being in awe of Maryanne (on Gilligan's Island) when she managed to produce an amazing coconut cream pie...why does reality always have to ruin things?

Only Monday and already I'm feeling inspired thanks to Loobylu's post about The Artist's Way. I'm going to dig it out again and have another look at it. Might help me get started on writing more poetry. Speaking of which:

The White Bats

Where are the white bats?
My life frightened me again tonight.

Does your shadow love you best?
Shadows tell me so many true stories.

What does a wish look like?
Mixing twilight with the perfume of living things.

Have you ever had an illicit day?
The night is subdivided by our screams.

What is the poet carrying?
Wine and vinegar.

What do I think I'm salvaging from reality?
I say to my roof, please let some rain in.

What is the name of this?
The shape of the storm over my soul.

from beautiful, unfinished by MTC Cronin.


Connie and Rob said...

Your creations are darling!! You did a great job.

Please don't get upset with your driving. We all make mistakes and actually you pulling off the road was good thinking. You could collect yourself and then decide what the safe thing would be to do. If half the crazy drivers out there would do that we wouldn't have hardly any accidents.

I have to tell you when I was learning to drive (by my dear old dad) we were going down the street and all of a sudden he pulled up the emergency brake. We skidded what seemed like five minutes and made tire marks...I asked him why he did it? His response was...I thought you were not going to stop!

After that experience I am not sure why I am driving today. We still laugh about that...Who does such a thing?

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the driving, really - I only got my licence last year at 35... Late bloomer I guess. It's difficult, and can be scary sometimes - but like crafting, you only get better with practice, so keep practicing!

btw. I thought one of your resolutions was to call 'bear 2' emma this year! :-)

abbyjane said...

Good for you for trying so many patterns from that book! I love the little dear and the girl in red, white and blue. I need to give those two a try.

Dana said...

You are amazing. Your new things are gorgeous, don't you just love your machine!!!!!!!

~Vicki said...

My my, there's some crafting going on over here! Such wonderful fun things too. Good luck with the driving lessons. Just get back on the horse, as they say. We all have "stories" of our own mishaps behind the wheel. You wouldn't believe some of the crazy things I've done.

jackie said...

Wow, look at you go now that you have a sewing machine. They are lovely I have yet to use my copy of that book.

maria ines said...

i like!

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