Monday, January 30, 2006

Cookie Monster

Clever Craftapalooza has started a Cookie flickr group. Here's a few of mine. I've got about 20 but find them hard to resist. Such simple lines but my imagination is always quick to fill in the blanks. However, that Dragonfly is a kicker...I don't think I've ever successfully lifted it off the baking tray without ripping its wings off. Cooking can be cruel!


fiona said...

Wow - I love the beehive one. It puts my star and heart shaped cutters to shame! ;)

Connie and Rob said...

Those are going to produce some beautiful cookies.

Take care, Connie

Nicole said...

Yaaay, thanks for sharing!!!! I know what you mean about tricky shapes.

Anne said...

If you ever give up on the dragonfly, send it half way round the world to Denmark, I'm sure it would have a perfect life here ;-))
I could send you some nordic ones instead??!!

Gina said...


Anonymous said...

I have over 300! I love sugar cookies, they remind me of my granny!
My daughter just had her 100th day of Kindergarten and she took 100 cookie cutters! I am the "nut" mommy now for having so many. Little did they know how many remained behind!


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