Monday, November 14, 2005

Toot Toot

Well. Tonight is my first driving lesson (in a long time). I've had my Learner Permit for ages but never got around to the hard part! I'm feeling quite nervous but I really want to learn to drive. I'm fine with an instructor, but driving around with Bear 2 scares the hell out of me. Must have something to do with being older? I kind of feel as if suddenly the world isn't very safe when I behind the wheel. I know it's not rational but I picture a toddler running onto the road or a dog or an entire family of ducks...all the worst scenarios, basically. Must stay calm and just try and enjoy it. Another adventure begins!

Lots of friends and family tell me that one day, driving will be second nature to me - hard to believe. Wish me luck.


kate said...

good luck with your driving lessons, i'm having mine tonight as well. a wee bit embassasing because i'm ***3o!****. but these things take time

Amanda said...

Good Luck!

FIona said...

Good luck with your driving, Fran! I'm a non-driver, too. Wish I had just gotten it out of the way when I was 18. I agree - you have much less fear when you're younger, or perhaps you just don't think about everything so much then. I'm told that 'I won't know myself' when I do get around to it... let me know if it's true!!

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