Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Lesson One.

Driving Lesson went really well. My instructor Daniel, is very calm and patient. He didn't have to make too much use of his pedals ... although he did mutter something like ''perhaps tap the brake a little earlier next corner''.

I'm driving around a smallish country town but even so, there were lots of kids on bikes, a small dog, one pram and a massive truck to negotiate. Overall, it was a good experience and I'm ready (or not) to make myself acquire this particular skill. I was tempted to ask him how many lessons he thinks I'll need to past the test, but I was worried he'd say 87, so I refrained.

Speaking of perfecting a skill. I have now made five Denyse Schmidt Cats. Don't have the book here, but they are very simple and fun. Plan to do a Kitty Photo Shoot tonight.

Still toying with Needle Felting with varying degrees of success. Fine on the flat - not so great on three dimensional things - they end up looking like something a Denyse Schmidt Cat coughed up.

I'm also starting Evil Plan No. 1 - my attempt at turning the Spare Bedroom into my own World Domination Craft Den (insert evil cackle here). I have a craft cupboard - now I just have to make the double bed disappear - along with photo albums, extra linen and a 1000 other objects I can live without. I've spotted a Queen Size blow up bed that inflates in something like 40 seconds. Supposed to be very, very comfortable, too. That just might solve my problem. When friends come to stay I can say ''...and look, you guys get to sleep in this!''. What's not to love?

PS: Many thanks for the words of support, too.


Alex said...

Hello! Hope the driving's going ok!
I started lessons again myself after years of believing I would always be a 'non-driver'. People are right- it does become second nature and not so scary! I actually enjoy it now (something I thought I'd never say!) Good Luck with it! And with the craft room! A whole room of crafting...beautiful! x

sarah said...

so glad to hear the lesson went well...i've taken over our spare room for craft, just quietly to myself i like to refer to it as my studio, hee hee...haven't managed to get rid of the bed yet though!

Claire said...

Good luck with the driving! I have just written an entry myself about driving and how much easier it gets. Great idea to get a crafty room happening. Much fun.

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