Friday, November 11, 2005

Gone Fishin.

Up early this morning - 5.30am. Sipping coffee and looking out the window at the early morning sky. Two Bears and Toby are taking off for the weekend with my Dad and Sister to visit my Uncle and Aunty who live in a little town called Port Albert.

I haven't been there for years. Leaving work at lunch-time to get a jump on the day. Looking forward to long walks on the beach and catching up on family news. Suspect it's going to be a quiet night but apparently a mega scrabble game is part of the plan. Things could get crazy.

Taking just a tiny bit of craft...needle felting. I can't say I've had made anything wonderful - just a few wonky birds, oh and one very good bee (in my opinion!).

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

PS: Port Albert is supposed to have a brilliant Fish n Chip shop - hmmmmm.


Shell said...

It sounds absolutely divine to me! How I long for a weekend by the sea. Have fun.

mandy said...

Sounds brill! the seaside is the best place especially with a lovely fish n chips shop, have fun!!

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