Monday, November 21, 2005

Craft Cupboard

Very recently I wrote a post about having/buying too much stuff and mentioned I was going to a Clearance Sale in my town ... just to have a look. Well. I did look and then I started bidding ... this is what I got for $5. Exhibit 1. My new craft cuboard. How did it happend. One minute the auctioneer was waving his hand in the air, next thing I know, time slows down and I see his mouth form the word S O L D only he's looking right at me and yes, my hand is the air. Bear Two was less pleased when the autioneer's assistant smiled broadly and said "Gee, I hope you have trailer!''. We didn't. Bear Two, always so supportive, drove down to the local garage and hired one for about five times the price of my craft cupboard. Ahem.

My next Clearance Sale purchase - Exhibit 2. Didn't know what I would find when I opened this up but look!! Vintage, gorgeous, knitting needles - heaps of them. Mine for the princely sum of $1. Gotta love that.


jackie said...

Thats a great cupboard. Yes the things from red felt flower are beautiful. I am sure there is wonderful craft fairs in Melbourne.

sarah said...

what a busy weekend, what great buys and gorgeous you really have a driving lesson TONIGHT???

mandy said...

Wowsa what yummy knitting needles! cool cupboard too, auctions are fab aren't they ( and scary too!! ) I really love the cats you have baan making, cool!!

Hanna said...

the cupboard is vintage beautiful and well worth the truble to take it home, right? and sooo cheap, I would've waved my hand too!

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