Thursday, August 25, 2005

Time Table Love - Part One.

Our car keeps breaking down. Two Bears both work in town but live in the country. Two years ago we lived 9 minutes from work, surrounded by cafes and bookshops and other dazzling places. After 12mths of talking, we finally decided to try the country life, so we moved 75ks from Melbourne to live in a house built in the 1800s on 5 acres.

I'm not really a country girl at heart but something made me want to give it a shot. It hasn't always been easy and although it sounds pitiful, my biggest hurdle (and one I haven't managed to leap over yet), is my chronic fear of giant, hairy spiders (another story)....

So. The plan was to catch the train as much as possible, but it didn't work out like that. We stayed back at the office quite a bit, so getting home quickly meant we always drove in and out. But lately things have changed and we've started taking the train. It's a whole other world and every morning (horribly early), I'm up in the pre-dawn light, standing on a platform watching two lovely things: the shadow of a horse grazing and the moon slowly fading.

I've fallen in love with a train.


J*me said...

Egads, how I hate spiders too! I remember the times at uni when we were constantly being plagued by huntsmen...*gags* Guess that's what you get for being away from being in a 'bushland setting'. (Yup, that's what the Newcastle Uni's prospectus says.) :D

Alex said...

Wow- your description of the horse conjured a lovely image! There's a lot to be said for country life. I had my own hairy spider experience yesterday- I never knew I could scream so loud!x

mandy said...

Wow 5 acres!! I dream of such space! Mmm spiders, I don't hate them but I don't want them near me, ( does that mean I'm scared?!?! )

sarah said...

what a lovely post fran, you have such a wonderful way with words...

dani said...

The moon at anytime is lovely, but I totally agree with you about that morning fading moon.

Hi for the 1st time, just found you.

Fiona said...

Early mornings can be lovely, can't they? (Once you get past the actual getting out of bed part, oh how difficult that is!) I always think of train travel as quite romantic, too... sounds like you've found a really pleasant way to start the day.

carly said...

*sigh* that sounds beautiful...I am glad you're at peace with your early mornings... something i am yet to achieve ...infact 2005's goal ... trains are so good for relaxing and catching up on reading too.

Maggie Ann said...

You make it sound enchanting. Like rich rewards for many steps of the way. I enjoyed reading your post. Lovely writing style. (Lovely is one of my favorite in Phillipians 4:8...'whatsoever things are lovely'. See...its kosher! Wish I had time to read on but hubby is home today and I am supposed to be getting a collage packaged to mail. I'll be back if I can remember where you are. = )

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