Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Next weekend is our yearly..and 8th sister's weekend. I have six sisters and each year we take turns to pick a house/location, to spend the weekend together. One is in China, another in Perth, another in NSW, so it's not always easy to get us all in the one spot. This year two can't make it.

When it goes well, we have a blast - lots of laughs, shopping and cooking together. We're had the odd dud weekend - lots of bickering and dredging up old resentments that can sometimes go back as far as six years old! Not too surprising really. We're that strange combination of being very different and very similar and our ages range from 37 to 50. As I get older it gets easier to treat each other like real people rather than sisters...does that make sense?

Each year I get together a little gift bag for each sister and since I've embraced "craft", I'm going to give them one of my home-made pincushions with some books and magazines. I'm also hoping to learn how to crochet this weekend! Hopefully we can exchange a few crafty skills.


sarah said...

what a lovely idea, sisters are so special, hope it goes wonderfully well...

Alex said...

That sounds so lovely! Handmade gifts are always that much more special. Lucky sisters! x

lyn said...

I'm sure they'll be absolutely thrilled with their gifts.
Hope you have a lovely sisterly time.

Bassizzzt said...

Is that the same Perth I used to visit many years ago, and not the one in Australia?

This is a random blog visit from a stranger, good day, please visit and post at my blog any time whether it be bad or good.

Hanna said...

that sounds so nice, to try to see each other even though you live so far away from each other! nice, hope this time goes well and in the sing of laughter and craft.

I like your book give away idea here, fun!

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