Monday, August 15, 2005

Back from the Hills

Weekend was so much fun - one of the best. We all met at the house on Friday afternoon - great place; big, light, comfy with a large garden, exotic chickens and lots of winter trees. Didn't take long to open a bottle of wine...then other...ordered Thai in and just kicked back. Saturday went to a fantastic place called Garden of St Erth in Blackwood. I'm not a mad gardener but even I loved this place. Lots of daffodils, ferns, ponds and tracks. Winter probably isn't the best time to see it, but it was still lovely. We were lucky with the weather, too - weak winter sun was perfect.

We did a bit of shopping, too - always fun. Sister No.2 tried on a hat and said "what do you think" to sister No.3, who said "nah, it's not you''... sister No2 said, ''I don't care'' and got the hat anyway. 30 mins later, sister No3 says to sister No.2: ''can I try your hat on''. Sister No 2 says, ''sure''. Sis No 3 says ''That looks better on me than on you...did they have more?''

When we got home, the craft came out. Most of my sisters are very, very good crafty folk - especially when it comes to knitting. I had three aims.

1. Learn to Blanket Stitch.

2. Learn how to cast-on.

3. Learn how to crochet.

1 and 2 - mastered...3? Forget it. Couldn't get past the chain part and it was driving me nuts. But I'm really pleased I can Blanket Stitch and Cast-on...hello...a world of badly made scarves await you!

Must go, back thanks for your lovely comments about the weekend. When they aren't irritating the hell out of me, my sisters are good fun to be with...(and no, they don't know I blog.heee.eeee.eeee.)

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sarah said...

so pleased you had a lovely time, well done with the blanket stitch...

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