Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Make The Bad Book Go Away

Okay. It's not a bad book. It's a lovely Japanese craft book called Tiny Patchworks2 - Make My Life Happy Every Day (what optimism!). I bought it last week and I've been lurking around the mail box every day - waiting. So it arrived. Pictures are wonderful, ideas a great but the truth is my sewing is not up to this - not yet, anyway. I'll have a go, but keep an eye open cos I might end up suggesting a swap-craftbook thingy. In my perfect world, the title would be HAPPY JAPANESE CRAFT BOOK FOR PERSON WHO CAN'T SEW BUT WANTS TO MAKE REALLY CUTE THINGS AND BE HAPPY FOREVER.


Nicole said...

I have this book, it's lovely and there's lots of great stuff to make and ideas.

carly said...

Your lettuce pots are such a great idea...almost enough to inspire me to do a tad of gardening tomorrow (weather permitting) I agree on the halloween thing one ever wants to join in here but it is such a great excuse to make costumes and treats..I say carve away!(Martha Stewart has some great Hallowwen ideas)

abbytrysagain said...

I think that is an excellent title/idea for a book! I have an obsession with these Japanese craft books and I'm begining to wonder how much I am actually going to use the ones I am acumulating! Oh well-I guess they can be in the purely "inspirational" pile! Good luck on your tiny sewing adventures.BTW-you said you have 6 sisters-do you have brothers?-abby

June Tan said...

I just bought this book yesterday because you mentioned it!

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