Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Picture this.

So this is my 40th gift from my family. Yay! I've been pouring over these pages every day since Sunday. I just know it's one of those books that I'll have forever. You can read more about Charley Harper here. There's quite a lengthy interview with Charley by Todd Oldham in the very front of the book - a kind of Q&A. You get the impression Charley was a very modest, nature-oving guy who adored his wife and his art.
Every page is spectacular, so much colour/imagination/shape/form - endlessly inspiring. This book is HUGE - it's like having five stone tiles on your lap but that means the pages are massive and some of Harper's illustrations just launch off the page. Here are just a few images...enjoy.

Thank you Dad, Christine, Helene, John, Rianna, Dion, Bridget, Ann, Garry, Lizzie, Sean, Ty, Mick, Bernice, Vince, Catherine, Christopher, Leonie, Peter, Lauren, Charlie, Ria and Geraldine. I love it.

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Claire said...

Just beautiful! And happy birthday Fran!

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