Monday, May 05, 2008

Birthday and In and Out of Love....

Well. I turned 40 on Saturday and just then, right then...I accidentally typed 30! I had a brilliant weekend; lots of friend and family and only a few minor dramas. When you have six sisters, 11 nieces and nephews, five brother-in-laws and one dad - dramas do happen. Emma, the total sweet-heart, was the mastermind behind organising a cake and making dinner plans and co-ordinating everyone for lunch yesterday. I was spoilt rotten:) and I will be posting pictures very soon. Oh yes I will.

I haven't made much lately...still crocheting squares. I started last June! My ripple blanket is quite big but I must admit - I'm not totally in love with it.

What do I do? Drop it and start another? Plough on and hope things improve? Learn to love the ripple I have? I've made such a commitment - hours have gone into it but what I have is a wonky, un-even sided blur of colour. I've learned a lot - so maybe....I start a new?
Here is a picture - I found these old plastic toys. Cute? I think so.


gracia said...

Sending much belated birthday cheer your way, Fran.

Happy 40th!

g xx

sarah said...

happy 40th fran, sounds like a lovely day {i had a feeling we were the same vintage, mine is next year} i've been crocheting squares for so long i've forgotten when i started, eeek i don't dare start on a ripple blanket...

myra said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like it was a wonderful day.

theresa said...

I'm late for the party but happy birthday! Now I know what years you are talking about. Welcome to the 40's--in some ways better than all the rest. So much wiser, oh yes.

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