Monday, January 14, 2008

I thought I'd exhausted the topic, but not quite. Still spending time tootling about in the craft room - picking things up, putting them down, over here? Over there? Just right. Not quite. Haven't done any actual crafting yet, but I'm confident that will happen, when every thimble and pin has a place to call home. Actually, that's not true! I made curtains for both bookcases! Emma fired up the drill and put up some fantastic shelves and I made ribbon and balsa wood shelves for the really tiny & light stuff. I've started listening to Craft Sanity while I make stuff & I love it. Inspiring, funny - great creative resource.

Here are two of three very crowded pin boards...

A dolly detail. My Mum gave me these little dolls years ago...they were vintage way before me.

Brilliant Orriettacat postcard in the back - chickens getting ready for (shhhhh) easter.

Shelves heaving already.
Mini B to keep me company.
Wonderful Antonius set from IKEA.

Actually - curtain are a bit long. Must take note.

Thanks for having a look.

1 comment:

weirdbunny said...

I love looking through peoples craft rooms, I'm just so nosey. I love that ttiny elephant too !

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