Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Elephant vs Mouse

This is what over confidence gets you. A mouse. I thought I'd whip up another lovely Sweet Nelllie Snoot from softies. Who needs to read the pattern right? I've already made one. "Careful placement of the ears" is where I went wrong, but you can probably tell that by the photo.

Who could believe that just a few inches could determine a completely different species? How ironic that it should transform an elephant into mouse. Cruel twist. Maybe that's why the mouse looks so nervous? Well. A lesson learned - the hard way. I battled on regardless but when it came to giving the mouse a face - I just could not get it right. I had smiles, cheeks, high eyes, low eyes, eyes close together - nothing looked right and in the end, her poor little face got a little marked by all the stitches I had to drag out. No wonder she looks bewildered.

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theresa said...

Don't be so hard on yourself--now give her a tail and presto! She's a real mouse and you've gone outside the box and come up with something new. Who needs more of the same? Mistakes are marvelous mountains of opportunity.
Anyone can follow a pattern--eh?

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