Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Craft Room Cometh...slowly.

Come on in and take a look around. Mind your step. This is Day 2 of getting the Craft Room in shape. We're running out of shelves so off to Ikea to get that sorted.

What a mess.
Fabric to fold...again.
Hey Buzz.
The girls are adjusting.
Can't wait until everthing is in its right spot...then I'll start cranking up the sewing machine.

Books for inspiration - lots of Japanese craft books to keep me going...

I have so many tiny thing - little, bitsy things to find a home for...

& boxes of ....stuff to sort. I have two old typewriters??? Apparently.

Don't mind the gorilla - perfectly harmless. He loves ironing.

This part looks almost organised...all smoke&mirrors. How heavy is a stack of Martha Stewart Livings? Very.
Can you see the mere slither of gap above that tall bookcase? Oh yeah. Of course we measured it BEFORE we painted it...NOT. We were so very lucky.

Come back soon. Thanks for looking.


N said...

Hey! Looking good Fran!

Jodie said...

The craft room is getting ther...and you are not the last person to make a wee wonderfuls pattern. I have robot and spaceman and the little dolls and......nothing.....not even opened.

Dana said...

Keep up the good work, it looks great!!!!!

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