Monday, July 17, 2006

Robot Love

Picked these two rust buckets from the Camberwell market a few weeks ago. I've always loved Robots - takes me back to Lost In Space WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Will Robinson...

Congratulations Cascade, book is yours, thanks to Pixie and Weird Bunny. Happy cooking, Cascade!


kirsty said...

Awesome robots! They both are brimming with personality.

myra said...

What great finds! Love them both!

weirdbunny said...

How cool are those robots!!

Snowbear said...

I have the first one; the bottom one looks like a real gem!
I love robots too; don't we all?

vintagechica said...

Oh Geez, these robots are WONDERFUL!!! So glad to have found your blog!

Lindsey said...

Just popped through on the way to weirdbunny. What cool robots! What a great find at the market :)

hannah said...

you lucky thing finding these, what cool robots!

Anonymous said...

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