Monday, July 10, 2006

I don't usually log on over the weekend so I was thrilled to find so many comments. Thanks so much for the feedback and the birthday wishes. Spent this weekend in town -while Em and I are 72ks from the cbd, my sister reads the time by looking our her apartment window at the clock on top of the Forum theatre! Up early Saturday and had breakfast at the ACMI (Aust Centre for the Moving Image) cafe. Then wandered over the the Picasso Exhibition at the National Gallery...which I loved. Between 1935 and 1945, Picasso painted his muse, Dora Maar over and over and was nice to see the Weeping Woman again, too. Saturday night we saw River Queen, a new film made in New Zealand by Vincent Ward. I really, really wanted to love this movie but it was long and repetitious. The scenery, however, was brilliant and Samantha Mornton and Cliff Curtis were great. Sunday morning we went to the fantastic ReadyMadeMarket, which was on as part of the Melbourne Design Festival. I had a feeling it was going to be great and it was. There was a massive turn out and each stall and loads of people jostling to get a look at stuff. Jessie Tucker, Penelope Durston, Emma Coast, Pipduck, Little Salon to name a few. Birds were everywhere: on t-shirts, stationary, vases, jewellery - lots of trees and ships, buttons, too. So glad I went. It's only on once a year and I'm going to start saving for the next one. Made some more button rings (and an owl brooch) and finished off the weekend by watching the BBC version of Bleak House and woke up to hear Italy had won the World Cup. Yayyy.
Here are some pics of the weekend. PS: I've had a few emails about the rings - so I thought I'd sell them for $10 each. Email me at if you're interested. x


weirdbunny said...

Glad you had a cool weekend. You'll have to post pictures of what you bought at the ready made fair.

Shell said...

Sounds as though you had another awesome weekend! The markets sound so cool. I watched bleak house last night too - it took me a while to get what was going on as I missed the first 5 minutes, but I 'think' I caught the jist of it by the end. I love old period dramas so I'm already sucked in.

Violet & Rose said...

The Picasso/Dora Maar exhibition is great! I loved it just for the history of the decade. And the fact that she lived in that apartment for so long almost as a shrine to him. Wow. And I really want to go and see the River Queen because we lived in NZ for a while and I LOVE Temeura Morrison. But apart from that, it's all about the Maori Wars, I think I read somewhere? Great blog too, your photos are lovely.

gracia said...

Love your lucky little rotund owl... what a handsome fella to begin a post with. Your weekend sounds like perfection... I've yet to pay a visit to Picasso & Dora and I'm so looking forward to it.
take care, gracia

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