Monday, July 24, 2006

Days of wine and ...

The mornings are still dark and cold but the weekend was full of weak, winter sun and if you stood in the right spot, closed your eyes and tilted your face towards could almost feel the next season on the way.

We had friends up for the weekend and had lunch at a winery not too far from us...Tahbilk. It's a stunning spot with a great cafe over-looking a 8km long Billabong. We took a boat ride up the river and walked back through the wetlands then made our way to the cellar door...down, down a steep, wooden staircase to see the massive oak barrels of wine, like the hull of a huge ship. You could smell the spices in the wood. After a few tastings (''Arhhh. I theenk I'll just trryy one more Chrazzz'') we headed home to sit by the fire.

I did do a bit of craft - just slip stitched a red bird. Not sure what to do with it now...but will take a pic soon.

Fantastic Billabong photos by Em.


hannah said...

your day sounds lovely, though I am not envious of your winter weather. it looks nice and crisp though, love the billabong photos, those trees are fab, and the wine should warm you up!!

Melissa said...

What a perfect day!! The photos are beautiful and I can almost feel the sun.

weirdbunny said...

Is it winter with you at the momet?!!
Lokks like you had a fab time anyway! I didn't know what a billabong was , well apart from a make of clothing...

patrice said...

I love what you said about your mother in your profile. I appreciate you bringing her up. I too, lost my mom four years ago. I have a draft in-the-works about her.
I too, also like finding money.
I still haven't rummaged thru your site so, I'll say gooodbye for now so I can.

sooz said...

Yep, Em takes a good shot. Gorgeous billabong. Somehow your winter snaps look so much better than I feel as I freeze my butt off getting out of bed in the morning. Weekend before last I was in Ballarat and it rained solidly in a most miserable fashion. Can't wait for Spring!

Lily said...

Oh I love Tahbilk! I used to be a cellar door member, but now we live in the ACT I've had to let that lapse! But I do love a drop or two of Tahbilk. And it's such a pretty spot!

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