Monday, July 31, 2006


Finally got round to trying some Red Work.I found the birds on Martha Stewart Living. Anyway, here's my effort. I'm going to turn the bird in the cage into idea what. The pattern is from this fantastic Japanese caft book, pictured above.


Melissa said...

I love redwork! The birds are cute!

Melissa said...

Forgot to say, there are some great designs for free at I have used several!

Lily said...

Red on cream always looks divine. No exception here!

See, Martha Stewart is good for something!

gracia said...

Love that the little guy in the cage has managed to wiggle his head through the bars to chirp out a "rescue me"... he'll look marvellous on any and everything.
cheers, gracia

lyn said...

How lovely. Your little birds are gorgeous. : )
I still forget that it's winter for you. Over here we have had glorious sunshine - which is very out of the ordinary for the U.K. We've all gone a bit sun crazy, and started talking with an Australian accent - I love it !
G'day mate !

weirdbunny said...

Your red work is lovely. Birds are so in at the moment aren't they.

Gina said...

BIG oohs, and aaws from over here. I love your little red words : )

June said...

Your redwork projects are great. I love redwork and am using the same Martha Stewart bird designs to make a quilt.

The other day I found this book at a used bookstore here in Tucson: Redwork Renaissance: 49 Designs from an 1893 Coverlet by Patricia Lynne Grace Cummings. It includes the history of redwork as well as instructions. I'm not sure I want to make a coverlet since I'm making the bird quilt but I now have tons of redwork designs to use for other projects.

Anonymous said...

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