Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chirp chirp

These little guys hatched last week...born of glue, tissues, paint and pipe-cleaners. Loved making the little hat. I've seen these hats everywhere and I don't know if it's just me, but stick one on just about anything (except John Howard) and the cute meter rises.

I was thinking making heaps more for Easter to sit in little baskets...but have cooled on the idea. I've had a succession of minor craft disasters lately. I found two white lamps (with cream shades) for $10 at a garage sale and decided to paint one a lovely deep gold...everything was going really well...until I plugged it in - instead of a lovely, shimmery gold, the light reflected a murky, patchy, blotchy shadow. Sigh. So think I'll cover them with fabric instead.

Just over a week ago Emma and I had a delightful dinner with Nicole from Craftapalooza on her whirl-wind tour of Melbourne. As we feasted on delightful Japanese food we discussed crafting, blogs, work, books, life and love. Thanks for a great night, Nicole.


nicole said...

Hey Fran - lamps :) gotta love a little craft challenge or 2 :P Were there any temper tantrums whilst taking these pics? ;)

Aaaah it was a great night. Looking forward to seeing you guys again someday!

Violet & Rose said...

A cute hat,WITH polka dots! You're right, it doesn't get any cuter. I think they would be great for Easter.

Shell said...

Awww, they're so cute...I love the little hat.

My crfty disasters are too numerous to list, so I won't. Needless to say that I've given up on craft for a while - I need to regain my sanity before I attempt another crafty project!

Hey, can you email me your address pulease?

E said...

The hat does indeed add to the cuteness :) Perhaps John Howard's PR person should invest in one? Try it out for a while...who knows, it can't make him any more unpalatable!

I think most crafters have disasters languishing in cupboards all over the world. Most of them just don't admit it.

weirdbunny said...

Adorable !

Mihaela said...

What cute chicks! I found you by accident. I am just starting to get into sewing and was looking around for practice ideas. These bunnies two posts down are adorable! Where can I get a pattern for them, and what sort of material you used to make them? Thanks! Mihaela

theresa said...

cute looking chicks! Did you make them out of a tissue-type of paper mache? Oh yes, chicks look better with hats.always.

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