Monday, January 15, 2007

The Remarkable Disguised As The Ordinary

Lately I've been looking a some my stuff with new eyes; things I've dragged from city to country, house to house.
I think it's all part of getting used to the idea of having our own home (we plan to start serious house-hunting in lat Feb). Anyway, I was thinking about how every-day objects can be significant - a vessel we fill with private meaning and significance.
I don't treat every single thing I own with the same level of intensity but I think it explains my habit of picking up rocks, sticks, feathers and shells - they each have a secret life. They all become a little talisman, a reminder of a happy moment I'm not quite ready to forget.
My mum gave me this Tablespoon years and years ago. I think it was when I first moved out of home. I have a vague recollection of cooking something - feeling very independent and not having one.
I love this spoon - it's strong, faded, reliable, lovely to hold and to look at, slightly battered and I've used it a billion times and it's always exactly where I think it will be.


Justine said...

I understand exactly what you mean. I have a metal fish-turner thing (not sure of the real name) that my father had before I was born. I was quite upset a couple of months ago when it got so worn down one of the tines broke free from the end, but can't quite bring myself to throw it out.

carolyn said...

It's a delightful spoon and beautiful to include in daily life...thank goodness for simple pleasures!

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