Monday, January 15, 2007

Loobylu inspired me to have another go at making a doll. This is my version of her lovely doll from this fantastic Japanese craft book. It took me about five hours to make but I enjoyed most of it - except stuffing and turning out her skinny arms - that part nearly drove me crazy. It was good to be sewing again, picking out fabric, winding on thread. I always feel a little giddy when I've finally finished making something.
The rest of the weekend was spent trying to put the house in order, packing away the last of Christmas, going through The Drawer - you know the one you open, stuff junk in and walk away from. I do a lot of that; magazine clippings, receipts, old train tickets, pens, notebooks. Em and re-arranged some furniture and I cleaned out three boxes full of woollen scarves and put half in a bag for GoodWill.
By seven o'clock the house was clean and cozy, candles on the mantle were lit and Em had made her famous Bean Burgers for dinner with homemade honey and walnut yoghurt for dessert.
The only downside was the time we spent watching the horribly disappointing The Lady in the Water by M. Night Shyamalan. Can this be the same guy who made The Sixth Sense? The lead, Paul Giamatti did a good job but the story just crumbled under the weight of Shyamalan's heavy-handedness.
Sorry Em. Your pick next time.


Snowbear said...

I love your doll--her face came out very nice! you must have a go at another one and another one.
I see two bears is no more. a bit of spring cleaning,eh?

nicole said...

Nice work Fran!!! Oh really, I sort of enjoyed Lady in the Water :)

comicbooklady said...

I love the doll! the top photo of the doll is the would make a great profile photo.

lyn said...

She's lovely, her little smile is so enigmatic ( did I spell that right ? )

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