Thursday, September 22, 2005

Scarf, Mummies & Sharks before 11am.

Sometimes I can't believe how much information, useless or otherwise...we humans accumulate. I don't know why it struck me this particular morning but as I was sitting on the train knitting my (2nd ever) frog green scarf, I put it around my neck for a test run and realised it felt a bit scratchy. It's 100% wool, so assumed it wouldn't be.

I'm one of those freaky people who can't stand wearing anything even remotely scratchy - especially around my neck. That thought prompted me to remember a time when I was about nine. We went over to a friend's house for dinner (can't recall who) but I was made to wear a new outfit (yes. I freaked OUT and had a FIT) because it was pants and a little vest but it was also Tartan and unlined. By the time we arrived I was almost in tears and I spent the whole night quietly going insane...

So would it be okay to gently hand-wash my new scarf in wool mix or something?

I put my knitting away and started reading my book. It's a corker read: Devil's Teeth: A True Story of Survival and Obsession Among Great White Sharks by Susan Casey. It's a book about the white pointers just 30 miles west of San Francisco at The Farallon Islands. Casey's writing style is both quick witted and fascinating. I got to a part about a shark attack (he survived...480 stiches) and felt a bit ill!

With only ten minutes left of my journey to work, I flicked through the The Age and read an amazing story about three 500 year old mummies found in 1999 on the peak of Llullaillaco in Argentina. There was a incredible photo of this Incan girl - almost perfectly preserved, due to altitude, weather. Her clothes, hair, skin - just jaw-dropping. Experts say she was left on the mountain as sacrifice and froze to death.

No wonder I need a coffee.

This Saturday Both Bears are off to a friend's house for a CRAFT WEEKEND...Yes, a bunch of us are going to craft our heads off during the day and watch The Shining Saturday night. Sunday we're going to a fantastic market for some serious thrifting. Best of all - I'll get to use a sewing machine (could be dangerous!).


sarah said...

hope we are going to see some thrifting pics, maybe some "vintage" pieces from the 80s???

mandy said...

I was just thinking yesturday why do they make the labels in clothes of such hard itchy stuff? drives me bonkers!! I don't like itchy clothes either! Ohhh shark book looks fab!!

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