Monday, September 19, 2005

Behold My Weekend Madness

There wasn't much but while it was out, I could feel the top of my head smiling - nothing beats warm, late afternoon sunshine. Spent Sunday morning driving to Flowerdale - a very, very little town...with a cute Sunday market. It's about 40 minutes from our place - via the Valley of a Thousand Hills! I don't know about that, but the hills looked so wonderful and iridescent green it was like they were plugged in somewhere or lit from the inside. At the market I got some old knitting needles and last week, some other strange thrifty things: basil brush and a doll house family with slightly alarming faces (very X-Files) but I couldn't help myself. I've started a new scarf (more green) and went totally nuts at Borders and came home with a stack of magazines....another little obsession that is currently out of control. Oh and a little Teddy that I made - nearly drove me freaking crazy. Behold....


Amanda said...

I *so* love those magazines and have them all! I am a magazine addict too, is there a group for this? hehe :) Have a good day!

lyn said...

That teddy is very,very,very SWEET !
I love it.

cindy lee said...

Your little bear is so adorable...
Makes me want to get out my sewing needle & thread and all the tons of scrap fabric I've been gathering and saving for years.

Thanks for the inspiration, love your blog.

Cindy Lee

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