Sunday, April 19, 2009


The week is about to begin but I'm not ready for Sunday to be over. Such beautiful sunny days. Some nice things we did:

Had breakfast at the Corner Shop in Yarraville.

Watched our little mate Max play his first footy game (under nines!). There was something so adorable about them all; such thin little legs, such long shorts and in their faces, a fierce kind of excitement when they rushed out onto the a confused flock of little birds just itching to break into a run then flight.

Wandered around the Skirt and Shirt market at the Convent in Collingwood - one of the best markets I've seen in ages.
Celebrated Liz's 41st which means we've been friends for 21 years!

Hope the coming week is a good one. I so want it to be.

I was in a hurry to make a Mimi Kirchner doll so I machine sewed a few body parts; torso and legs. I'm pretty happy with how she turned out but when I make the next one, well, I'm going to take things a little slower and hand-stitch the whole thing - hopefully on those winter nights when it feels just right to put your pj's on a 7pm, eat soup and watch Rebecca.

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Claire said...

ooh I do love your doll! Great colours. I think it's so incredibly generous of Mimi to give away her pattern. Amazing woman.

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