Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Toby and Pearl Go To The Movies

On Sunday night Em and I saw Hotel for Dogs at the Moonlight Cinema in the Botanical Gardens. Seeing a movie, watching the flying foxes glide over the city, feeling the green breeze and snuggling down in the bean-beds makes is a great night NOW add dogs. Yes, it was a dog friendly screening and they came in droves: tiny to massive and every breed in between, it was doggy central. The film was so/so but just being in such a large canine crowd was hilarious. We took Toby and met up with friends who have Pearl, an 8 week old chocolate Lab. Both dogs were incredibly well behaved. Toby wedged himself between Em and I and just took in the night, snacking on the odd bit of popcorn! I think the best moment was near the end of the movie when one of the lines was "We love dogs..." just at that second, the entire doggy audience started barking and howling - was uncanny and one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed. On the way home Toby was passed out on the back-seat. A big night for a little dog.

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craftapalooza said...

that is hilarious and so sweet.

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