Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cafe confessions.

I've been reluctant to let go of that holiday feeling. I got used to waking up, planning the day around Bunnings, painting old bits of furniture, seeing a movie, catching up with friends, walking the dog and generally having a great time. But working full time kind of makes it difficult so Em and I have started having a coffee on the way to work - every morning.

It's a great new regime - Em reads the paper, I read a book and watch the world go by and then at 8am, we start the walk that leads to the station, that travels to town that leads to work but that's fine cos there's always tomorrow.


gracia said...

Your morning routine (hour aside... I am a night owl and rarely see 8am outside of my house) sounds the perfect perfect compromise. A little leisure time together, reading and soaking in news of the world.

Christine said...

Take time to smell the coffee..I love it :) Sounds like a wonderful way to start the morning as opposed to being on the go.
Oh, and I was looking at your post below and I found my Holidays on Ice cd a few days after Christmas. I can't believe I forgot to listen to it!
Hope all is well :)

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