Monday, October 27, 2008

Lucky Me!

Okay. So I turned 40 last May and my good friends Natasha and Ronny live far, far away in Belgium but they are sneaky buddies and organised for me to attend the Handbag In A Day course with the supremely talented Nicole Mallalieu.

I must admit. I kept looking at my Large Tote pattern thinking 'Could I really make a bag that looks just like the one in the picture?'. Yes. I had my doubts. The course started at 10.30pm and went into overtime (5pm) but I did it! There were five other people in the class and all of them made lovely, smart, well-structured bags, too. I got my fabric from Duckcloth. I just love it and it was great to sew with, too.

I didn't quite finish my bag (well, I did have to use my quick-un-pick a few times)...just need to add the magnetic snaps and secure the lining to the bottom of the bag but I'll get there.

Nicole was a great teacher - helpful, full of great crafty tips and short-cuts. It was such a fun day. Think I might have to try one of her purse-making classes, too.

Thanks for looking.


craftapalooza said...

Hey Miss Fran, what an awesome gift!! Nice looking bag. x

Dana said...

Oh my goodness, you have awesome friends. That sounds like one of the best presents ever. I may have to throw out some hints that I would love to have a few crafting classes. I teach for the local beadshop but I also love to hear the way other people explain a project and all the unique things you end up with.

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