Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Super Craft

I think I might be a super-craft hero and not know it. I think maybe some evil, craft oriented mastermind has hidden the crafty equivalent of kryptonite somewhere in my craft-room and that's why, not matter how many times I march in there and decide to make something, I end up backing out because it's too cold, too messy, the planets are'nt aligned - I don't know. I see sparks of inspiration fly around the room...then fizzle softly on the floor and suddenly my great idea feels limp.

I think I need to start with something small. I've dragged out my sewing machine, I even bought a lamp so I could sew at night - but what to do? I saw some lovely pear-pincushions on craftster - they look like fun. I'm loving Theresa's new bears - just so sweet. Makes me want to get some mohair and have a go at making a tiny, scruffy bear. I'm often inspired by what I see over at Sweet Nellie - her little creations have such dignity - they all look so well read!

Tonight I (might) go to the first of four classes to learn how to crochet - so maybe that will help my malaise? Something small, warm and fuzzy to begin with. I like the look of this daffodil.

Chicken Normandy coming tomorrow.


Lily said...

Hehehe if you're looking for something small, straightforward enough AND practical, check out the latest post on my blog. I'm going there really, really soon and it's going to be fun!!! And you get to choose a piece of divine fabric or two into the bargain.

Yummmmmmy chicken normandy yummmmm!

gracia said...

Ah, yes, to crochet... how I'd love to be able to but alas I fear there are no four classes which could help me. Sounds like mighty advanced magic to me. Have fun!
take care,

theresa said...

Aren't you sweet! Now go get some mohair and have some fun!

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