Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Doing My Block

I've been collecting tatty, torn, scribbled on vintage kid's books for awhile now and then I came across some old wooden building blocks and DING! I've started recovering blocks with images that take my fancy. These are from the first batch...the second lot sort of tell a story about all sorts of things: Polar exploration, grand houses, maps, bodies of water, the Brontes, botanicals, fairytales, birds, clouds are coming soon. Thanks for looking.


Anonymous said...

those blocks look fantastic. what a great idea. post the others when u get done.

Violet & Rose said...

Fantastic! Love them! Great idea.

craftapalooza said...

Nice fran! Hope you guys are well. See you next month!

myra said...

They are lovely! I especially love the first one with the bird.

leslie said...

these are beautiful!

Lily said...

Aha! I have a couple of wooden blocks lying around waiting to be tended to. Now this is a great idea!

Darlene said...

I love those blocks - What a great idea!!


theresa said...

Those are great! I covered some blocks with paper for XMAS and it was an easy way to get a great effect. The bird is especially nice. I like using ones of different shapes too--good idea!

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