Monday, December 11, 2006

So glad today is cooler than the last two days of intense heat. Our town was covered in thick smoke, despite the fact that we're about 150ks from any major bush fire. Fires are still burning now - thousands of hectares but luckily, no lives lost.

Em and I caught up with friends on Saturday but Sunday afternoon, I had a bit of time for crafting. No photos yet but it did strike me as slightly odd to be making snowmen while outside, it was the hottest December day on record for 53 years. Even Toby was zapped of all energy.

Also gearing up for our Family Christmas lunch on the 16th...arrrhhh. The dining room has been turned into Command Central where everything from tablecloths, glasses, platters to cake stands are all about to topple over. Still, it's kind of fun to get ready for a big event. Our mantra has been "keep it simple" - but it never turns out that way.

For more cute Snowmen look here Rock Paper Scissors, My Little Mochi


Anonymous said...

Yeah, glad to hear that it's a bit cooler down there.

Would love to see your snowmen - I have done no christmas crafting at all - so slack, but am still doing other crafty stuff which is ok I guess.

Hope your family lunch goes splendidly. Things are never simple here either!

Snowbear said...

hey, thanks for the plug!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! I keep looking at the white Christmas scenes and wanting to buy them, but then thinking how ridiculous it is to have them in an Australian summer!

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