Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas

One last frantic post before Christmas arrives. Every year I hope to greet the day feeling calm and self-possessed. Maybe next year. Then again, Em and I are always much more organised than we think. All that's left to do is wrapping and few more cards to write. Tuesday night was supposed to be the night I baked. I did bake, in the sense that I made a massive mess in the kitchen. Stupidly I decided not to make my usual batch of Gingerbread cookies and just whip up a very simple butter cookie recipe. I'm still not sure about the details but when I took the first tray out of the oven, something didn't look right. I tasted one. Arhhhh. Hmmm, hot flour cookie is what I got. I think I forgot to double the sugar.
Em thought I was nuts and tried to convince me that all that was needed was a slap of icing sugar...but it was hopeless. Ended up hurling said cookies into the bin. At eleven I was still up to my armpits in sticky mixture, flour, snow-flake cookie cutters, spoons and trays. Sigh. I made my Gingerbread instead...last night and they turned out beautifully. So there's a Christmas miracle for you.

Em and I are off for a couple of weeks, heading to Apollo Bay where we plan to swim, walk in forest, eat crayfish and read.

I hope you all have a bright, peaceful Christmas full of laughter and love. See you in a couple of weeks. x

PS: Christmas lunch was brilliant!


clarice said...

Have a verry, merry Christmas. Clarice

Anonymous said...

merry merry christmas two bears xxx

gracia said...

Sounds like a relaxing way to celebrate and see in the New Year.
Much Christmas cheer to you... take care, g

louise said...

Happy holiday cheer from me too! May the new year be a wonderful one full of good fortune & luck.
best wishes, LJ

Fiona said...

Merry Christmas, Fran! Enjoy that crayfish! :)

nicole said...

Hey Fran. Have a great time away looking forward to meeting you in 2007! x

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