Friday, September 01, 2006

Shhh. If we're very, very
quiet we might catch
sight of the rare
Tobiascaninius in its
natural habitat...this
solitary, heat-seeking
creature enjoys scratches
behind the ear and
sleeping on cozy rugs by
the fire. Placid by nature,
the Tobiascaninis has
been seen gnawing on
bones and jumping great
heights in order to cap
ture his beloved doggy


nicole said...

Nice like it. Sweet Toby.

Deborah said...

Are those cherry blossoms? Dear lord, to think that they are in bloom somewhere other than here sounds miraculous yet I feel a bit betrayed - selfish I know.

Do enjoy them. I wish I could send you a bright red maple leaf or the blossem of a golden oak showing its last hurrah before they go to sleep.

louise said...

What a treat to catch such a great photo of the rare Tobiascaninius. Is it the fist time such a fine one has been caught on film? It must be the perfect blossom habitat for him.

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