Monday, September 18, 2006

Em's niece turned 21 on Saturday so we all headed over to Mansfield for lunch. Perfect sunny day, lots of laughs. Mansfield is "snowy" country & where much of The Man From Snowy River movie was shot... anyone still remember that film?

21! I'm just starting to get old enough to, my 21st was quite some time ago and it's funny, cos when I made my speech I forgot to thank Mrs Donohue for my 21st cake! Thank you Mrs Donohue, it was beautiful. I remember we had my party in the local hall, lots of 80s music and after, my friends and I went dancing at Metro nightclub in Bourke hair was big and frizzy.

Anyhoo. Promised some craft books shots: here they are: This is the first of four books. The elephant was very easy to make - small, but not too small to whip up on the sewing machine. Plan to make more.


June said...

These ideas are so cute. I really need to consider going on a blog-reading strike as there are so many ideas that I really need to be issued a clone or six of myself to do all these things--and I don't even have small children.

Shell said...

21 - it seems like just yesterday! Though almost a decade has passed, I don't feel any older than I did then, except I'm maybe a little more confident in my own skin.

Love the elephant - so cute. Lovin' the craft book piccies too - thanks for sharing. :)

Lily said...

oooh too cute too cute.

I remember The Man from Snowy River!! Have hiked up to Clear Hills quite a few times - the prop hut that 'Jim' grew up in before his dad gets killed (sorry hope I didn't spoil for anyone!!) is still there and the scenery is just spectacular.

OMG I wonder if I was at the Metro the night of your 21st? LOL

weirdbunny said...

LOve the russian doll pic.

lyn said...

That is a very cute elephant.
Very cute.
: )

joyflea said...

I love the still pic from the Man From Snowy River of the horseman racing down the hill. Check out the trees, they're leaning over.(My partner was an extra in that movie!) As for the Metro nightclub, I have one very vivid memory. Redhead Kingpin!!

Anonymous said...

FRAN! Where are you.......? :)

nicole said...

damn blogger - that comment was me :)

celeste said...

I *love* The Man From Snowy River! I don't remember anything about plot, actors...I loved the scenery, and the music! I wore that soundtrack out!

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