Thursday, May 11, 2006

Toyland Can Be Scary.

While Em and I were driving around New Zealand's South Island we happened across a massive toy museum...okay, I might have grabbed the wheel hysterically screaming "TURN, TURN!". We didn't stay long. Some amazing tin toys but the place was a total shambles...stuff everywhere. Lots of the toys looked kind of sad and lonely and - angry. But that could just be my imagination. Anyway. I had fun taking some photos. I think my favorite is the little bear with his glasses.


weirdbunny said...

I love tin toys too. The fairy with the wand reminds me of the good witch from the wizard of oz. I love hearing of your trip, you did loads of lovely stuff.

Lily said...

Have you seen the Bratz dolls? Now that's scary!!

gracia said...

The bear with his spectacles is a handsome little fella... sounds like a great detour.
cheers, gracia

Snowbear said...

hey WOW, I have the fairy! Granted she lost her wings and the wand but she is a relic from childhood--I believe from the 50's. What a treat to see her in all her glory. She has a key to wind her up and she twirls around--that still works somewhat.
Sounds like a great place--I would have loved it, dust or not!

Gina said...

They really do look like that! I can see it in the photos.

van said...

I love the idea of everything being jumbled up - too often I find toy museums have everything laid out neatly behind glass cabinets, and it doesn't really look like anything a child might once have played with. At the same time, though, as you say it's a bit sad.

Anonymous said...

looovve toys too! your holiday looks wonderful.
cheers, Lucy

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