Monday, May 29, 2006

Finally got round to some crafting this weekend. Thought I'd lost the will to craft...but it has returned. It's been about 14 months since I quit smoking and took up the evil Knititng Nancy - another highly addictive way to pass the time. I've made more button brooches and a new kind...made up of different buttons (I think I like them better). I'm a big fan of Button Therapy, so spending time immersed in their colours, shapes and textures kept me happy.


Megan said...

Cool brooches. You have good craft mojo.

sarah said...

ooh the new brooches are lovely...

kirsty said...

Very cute indeed. I'm also a Button Therapy devotee.

Fiona said...

Yay for button therapy. Craft as therapy is a subject very dear to my heart! ;) The brooches look fantastic, Fran!

Nicole said...

Lovely lovely! What is it about buttons? I have a huge jar in my kitchen and a bowl in my bathroom full of buttons and they make me smile! ODD!

Carly said...

Great brooches
I will think up some 'imadeitmyself' paople for you.
there are a few bag ladies at my shop... hahhaha... they make bags :D but as soon as I get in the entries for morphe II I will pass over some cool aussie makers & shakers

gracia said...

I loved my Knitting Nancy! Oh, the memories... I will have to go on a dig through the archives of my childhood and see if I can find my Nancy too.
take care, gracia

Lily said...

I had a Knitting Nancy too! Never could figure what to do with all that knitted rope though!! LOL

Button therapy - hey that sounds much more satisfying and not so ouchy on the hip pocket as retail therapy :D

weirdbunny said...

ooh I like those!

African Kelli said...

Beautiful! I'm glad to hear you've given up smoking for something much, much sweeter. ;)

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