Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I do not have a desk with a view. To my left is bank of open plan offices. The top of a coat rack sticks up like the very top of a mast. We have quite a few indoor plants - but they look fake. I suppose they're meant to make us feel better about being inside but all they do is remind me of what I'm missing.

The ceiling in my office is quite low (anyone seen Being John Malkovich?). Okay, so not that bad. If I push my roller chair away from my desk and scoot to the right, I can see a high window in the distance. At this time of the afternoon, and when it's sunny, like now - the red brick buildings across the way turn this liquid honey colour - seriously, it's such a beautiful, thick, buttery red - you can't believe that sun and brick can make such a thing.


Snowbear said...

I can believe but I wanna see a picture!
funny how you're at work over there and I'm going to bed over here as it nears midnite--the earth--it never sleeps.

Shell said...

It sounds a little like an office I worked in for 3 weeks last year. But there were no potted plants and no liquid honey view in the afternoon - just drab grey walls with drab grey people. Heh, I was so bored with the environment one day that I cried! I just started to cry! Hence, only three weeks working there.

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