Monday, April 03, 2006

Easter Cards

This weekend was the first of cooler days. Sun was around here and there but mostly is was rain and dark clouds. All the elements were saying "snuggle down". We had a good friend up for the weekend, so it wasn't hard to do. Good bottle(s)of wine, glow of the heater, hot-cross buns with real butter, rain splashed windows and watching the remarkable The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Japser Morello, a short film by Anthony Lucas and the latest Pride and Prejudice.

Toby (wonder dog) got a great run when Em and I went for a short bike ride, but he was happier leaping from lap to lap. Ever tried knitting with a Jack Russell on your knees?

Anyway. Easter cards. I made some. Pictures from a great book called Happy Kitty Bunny Pony.

Days are getting sweeter.


snowbear said...

those cards look great! As does the book with the funny name.

herhimnbryn said...

What gorgeous cards!

Emma said...

Your cards are lovely!

I have seen that book a bit around on the internet... how did you come across it in Australia? (I thought it was an old American book?)

Also, I like the fish photos, a few posts down, I took some too - you can see them on my journal ;)

Shell said...

Your weekend sounds perfect. It's cooling down up here too - but mid days are still very warm. I'm looking forward to getting the heater out soon!

Your cards are great. I've seen that book featured on someone elses blog a long while ago - it looks really cool!

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