Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This week we're looking after a friends house near town. What a novelty. At work in 15 minutes instead of over an hour. I almost feel like I'm on holidays. I had great plans about using my spare time to catch up on some sewing. Everything was on track until I discovered The TV. I knew my friends had cable but never thought about it much...until I mastered the remote.

Initially I just watched Project Runway which was so much fun.Then it was re-runs of Flipper and Bewitched, then a heap of UK DYI shows about renovations and finally Fashion TV or as I like to call it, the Eating Disorder Channel.

But seriously. This is a TV Station with a 24 hour broadcast of nothing but models and the latest fashion from around the globe. The music is endless euro beat that loops forever.
Scornfully, I kept skimming over FTV and then suddenly I'd been watching it for 30 minutes without really knowing why. The models were wearing all these Nordic inspired clothes the colour of snow, ice and milk. Their hair was all white and blonde and long, their make-up was clearly frost inspired. I know it was bad for me because I started to have an internal dialogue that went like this:

"All my clothes must be cream. Do I have frosted eye-shadow somewhere? I must get myself a dog sleigh, why can't I have cheek-bones like that?, where did I put my vodka and huskie?." This world started to look better and better.

After watching for another hour I almost mastered model speak - that peculiar Eastern Block tone that makes them sound worldly and fascinating when all they are saying is "this shoes are really fabulous".


sarah said...

ooooh "project runway" how fabulous!!!

kirsty said...

I just can't stand it - my left thigh weighs more than two of them.

fiona said...

The word 'fabulous' sounds especially persuasive in that Eastern Block/Arnie accent, don't you think? Cable sounds brilliantly addictive.

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