Monday, February 06, 2006

I've Gone And Done It.

Nothing can save me now...let me introduce you to Blythe. She arrived this morning...all the way from Japan via the US and finally to Melbourne. Blythe seems to illicit two reactions. One is Oh My God What Is That Freakish Thing?...the other is Oh, She's Beautiful. I think she's strange but lovely. I'll post pics soon. My Blythe ispiration was from here! Check it out: Oh Sew Pretty


Dana said...

I got my box of goodies from you!!!!!! I will post pictures tonight on my blog when I get off work. Thanks so much I love everything. As for the blythes, I am stuck somewhere in the middle, can't decide if they are creepy or if I like them?

jackie said...

Oh no!! Is all I can say.

lyn said...

Well, that's another thing we have in common. I have an ILYIT.
Blythe's are OBVIOUSLY very gorgeous, I've managed to restrain myself, and only buy one, but I think they are definitely very addictive. Be warned !
: )

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