Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Comings and Goings

Living in the country has been wonderful (most of the time), but lately I've been missing a few bright lights. Even with daylight savings, the long distance drive to work and back is starting to wear a little thin, the train trips, too. So discussions have been had about moving back to town - but no sooner do we start talking about moving, when I start getting maudlin about leaving all the things that make living out of town so good.

Blue and Green:
I'm sure the fat wedges of pale blue sky and the smoky greens of the gum trees have a positive influence on me, even if I dont' always notice it.

The Storms:
Some days the sky turns almost inky with storms. They rush in like stampeding cattle and leave the garden strewn with sodden branches and leaves. Sometimes it's as if these storms arrive in order to sweep away dead air, leaving something new its wake.

It's true. I always thought it was a bit of a myth, but people are friendlier in the country. We get called "the girls" by the butcher. He's a sweetie.

The Birds:
Even the Kookaburra's who make me feel paranoid because I really do feel like they're laughing at me! The magpies, the cockies, the tiny wrens, galahs, rosella's and the odd owl.

Long lunches on the verandah. Gin and tonic on a hot day, music playing, friends laughing, kids feeding the horse, playing under the hose...the smell of a bbq on a Sunday afternoon. The glow of lamps against the sky.

The Garden:
The seasons seem so distinct in the country. The garden dies off, blooms again, sleeps, wakes up.

The Clouds:
Like looking at a giant map of Iceland. I never really noticed clouds before - now I can spend ages looking at them glide.

The Stars:
Amazing and terrifying - prompting lots of existential questions that I have no answers for.


megan said...

It sounds beautiful. You've made me nostalgic for a place I've never been before!

Shell said...

Yes, yes, yes. I miss the country so much, though I haven't lived in it for about 14 years. I grew up in small country towns and always loved the 'bigness' of it - big people, big skies, big horizons, big warm welcomes and big hearty meals. I've tried to recreate the country in the city by moving to a green suburb on the edge of the mountains and it is working out nicely, but still I dream of a country home, with space and animals and room to live the dream.

Connie and Rob said...

You sound like you are in heaven!!!


lyn said...

Hmmmm, tough choice.
You write beautifully, so it sounds very hard to leave a place like that.

sarah said...

oh fran, whata dilemma...

jackie said...

I don't know what I would do either. Sounds like a wonderful lifestyle.

Helen said...

anyone who can describe clouds lookling like a map of iceland has my vote to follow what they feel :) will be tough for sure.

I think you have not only summed up life in the country but *almost* australia as a whole :)

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