Tuesday, December 20, 2005

White (lie) Christmas

This little winter scene looks nothing like what's really beyond the front door. As the days heat up, the hills behind our house quickly turn from apple green to the colour of almost burnt toast. The local CFA (Country Fire Assoc) is having regular drills - the foreboding siren wails early on Saturday mornings and there's lots of talk about "the worst summer yet"...although people say that every year.

Getting very excited about Christmas now. Shopping is all done but for some strange reason I feel like going into town and checking out Myer windows. I love being organised but there's something thrilling about that crazy mad dash into town - glassy eyed shoppers swarming from shop to shop looking for the very last ipod mini.

Last night we "encouraged" Toby (the best dog in the world) to try on his special Christmas Bell collar! He hates it passionately but he looked so cute. Why do we make the one's we love look ridiculous? Cause it's fun!


sarah said...

there is something about that lovely last-minute shop, especially if you have actually finished your shopping and can happily wander about feeling christmassy...
p.s. thanks for the tip on where to get the wonderful craft book!

Connie and Rob said...

I have been done with my shopping for a while and I was out with everyone else this weekend. I just wanted to be out and in the spirit. It is fun when you don't have to stand in the long lines or make any major decisions.

Wish I could blow a little cold air your way.


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