Monday, December 05, 2005

The Birds

Just wanted to thank MOLLY CHICKEN for her wonderful bird pattern. So much fun to make. Here are my two. I love their slightly stunned look...


Connie and Rob said...

Very cute Birds! One great thing is you never have to worry about feeding them.


Amanda said...

Those are the cutest!

Shell said...

Awww, sweet little birdies - I love how they look together, it's really cute. Isn't mollychicken fantastic! So much inspiration to be found, it's great.

Jyesika said...

They are glorious! I've been so into birds lately, it thrills me to see good ideas.

fiona said...

These are fabulous, Fran! Great photo, too - they look so at home perched up there. :)

jackie said...

very cute.

Dana said...

I think your birds are too cute. I plan on using Molly Chicken's tutorial as soon as I get all this Christmas sewing done.

hermione said...

they are very nices
sorry, i don't speack english a lot !! :-(

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