Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finding at Finders and Keepers

Dropped into Finders Keepers market on Saturday. Wow. What a fantastic gathering of great hand-made things - gorgeous, well-made and original, things. We had a jammed packed day so we could only spend one, tiny hour but I think I managed to see every stall. There was so many delightful things, a couple of hours more would have been ideal.
Here's a few snaps of the haul. Only downside was lack of caffeine. The poor bloke had set up but didn't have any power - no coffee. Melbourne. Shopping. No coffee? Not good. We got there at 10am and it was comfortably busy...I imagine things got a whole lot more crowded later on. Hope it did.

Love love love: this painted plate by Storybook Rabbit

& this very cute and functional make-up purse.

& this wee pot holder made by Pip from Meet Me At Mkes:

I picked up a lot of lovely business cards from loads of makers: here's just a few from my favourites:

frankie mag had a groovy little lounge all set up with a dj playing chilled out tunes. Really hope it was a success for all.

So glad I got there. If you live in Melbourne, hope you did, too.

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teddybearswednesday said...

I was there too, sorry I didn't run into you Fran.
I so love Storybook rabbit, I had to buy a saucer too, for a "present".xo

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